6 Young Women Gearing Up for Girls State 2019


Press Release

The American Legion Auxiliary Unit #42 is proud to announce this year’s choice for Girls State 2019. We are allowed to send six girls for our unit to participate. The girls will have the opportunity to not only compete for scholarships, but earn three political science college credits. It is a nationwide program to provide citizenship training for girls in their junior year of high school, to learn to be self governing citizens, to inform them about the Constitution, duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship in order to understand and participate in the functioning of local, state and national government as adults.

The program will be held the first week of June at Weber State University. The girls participating will be:
Ashley Morgan, daughter of Stephane and Pearl Morgan,
Brynne Urie, daughter of Wayne and Traci Urie,
Abby Snow, daughter of Justine and Robin Snow,
Kelsey Hulse, daughter of Wayne and Rexanne Huntsman and Delbert Hulse,
Maryn Allred, daughter of Jed and Becky Allred, and
Emily Mesler, niece of Eric and Marie Anderson.

The American Legion Auxiliary Unit #42 would also like to thank Ferron City and Desertview Federal Credit Union as well as our own members and all those who supported our fundraiser for their generous donations toward the cost of participating.

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