624th Engineer Company Participates in Physical Testing


The 624th Engineer Company of the Utah National Guard participated in physical testing Saturday in Price. According to Sgt. Garth Johnson, the test measures physical strength and endurance of each individual soldier to ensure they have the physical capability to be mission active.

During the drill, each soldier demonstrated physical skills in push-ups, sit-ups and running. A two-mile route was set up on Airport Road where participants were required to run the course within a specified amount of time according to their age. In the sit-up and push-up tests, each soldier completed as many reps as possible within a two minute window.

Some soldiers sustained long-term injuries while serving in the National Guard and were allowed to walk or participate in an alternate exercise for physical testing.

First Sgt. David Hegg conducted the testing and led the group during all exercises, motivating the soldiers throughout the entire event.

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