66 COVID-19 Recoveries in Southeast Utah


Since testing for COVID-19 began in Southeast Utah, 76 cases have been confirmed within the region, including a new case reported on Sunday. Of these cases, 66 patients have recovered.

The new case stems from Grand County where they have been 38 confirmed cases of the virus. Of these, 33 have recovered. Two patients were previously hospitalized while one patient is currently hospitalized due to the virus.

In Carbon County, there have been 25 confirmed cases. One patient was previously hospitalized but has since been released. The health department reports that 22 of these patients have recovered.

Emery County has had 13 cases of COVID-19 and no hospitalizations. Eleven of the patients have recovered.

Nearly 6,000 COVID-19 tests have been conducted since testing began. For case breakdowns by age and gender, please see below.

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