66th Sunnyside Rodeo Royalty Crowned


The Sunnyside Rodeo Royalty contest took place on Sunday, June 26. This contest determined the royalty for the 66th Sunnyside Rodeo, which will be July 8 and 9.

Crowned as queen was TiaLynne Moosman, who is 17. Moosman is from Elmo and rode two horses in her competition, Roxy and Sparks. First attendant went to Lacey Bennett, whose horse’s name is Strider. Bennett is 15 years old and resides in East Carbon.

Second attendant was Ashley Thompson and her horse Dixie. Thompson is 18 years old and from Wellington. Kaitlynn McArthur was deemed Princess. McArthur is 11, from Wellington and rode on her horse, Buttercup.

“The first three winning girls, the queen, 1st and 2nd attendant, are all from the same family,” informed Linda Andrews. “They are step-sisters.”

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