8 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Southeast Utah


The Southeast Utah Health Department announced eight new cases of COVID-19 within the region on Wednesday evening. This included five news cases in Carbon County as well as two in Emery and one in Grand.

Since testing began, over 12,532 tests have been administered throughout Carbon, Emery and Grand counties. Of these, 285 patients have tested positive and 243 have recovered from the virus.

Carbon County tops the regional cases counts with 156 cases, 21 of which remain active as 135 have recovered. One patient is currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 while six others were formerly hospitalized. There have been no deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Carbon County.

In Emery County, there have been 54 cases of the virus, eight of which remain active as 44 have recovered. Within the last week, two deaths of Emery County patients were attributed to COVID-19. Both patients were males in the age range of 65-84. Five Emery County patients were formerly hospitalized due to the virus.

Grand County has tallied 74 cases of COVID-19, ten of which remain active as 64 have recovered. One Grand County patient, a man over the age of 85, died due to the virus. Two Grand County patients have been hospitalized for the virus.

As part of the total case count, the Southeast Utah Health Department also tracks cases involving students, teachers and staff at local schools as well as the university. Carbon School District has recorded 14 cases of the virus, two of which remain active while 12 have recovered. USU Eastern has tallied 10 cases, one of which remains active as nine have recovered.

In the Emery School District, there have been three cases of the virus, none of which remain active. In the Grand School District, there have been three patients, one of which remains active as two have recovered. There have been no confirmed cases involving students or staff at Pinnacle Canyon Academy or Moab Charter School.

The age group with the most cases in the region is the 25-44 age group, which accounts for 35.79% total cases. The 44-64 age group comes in at 22.81% while the 15-24 group accounts for 21.75%. The remaining age groups, in descending order by percentage, are as follows: 65-84 (11.93%), 1-14 (6.32%), 85+ (1.05%) and 0-1 (.35%).

For case breakdowns, see the graphs below. For an interactive map that outlines case numbers by zip code, visit the Southeast Utah Health Department’s website. 

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