9 Mile Canyon Gets in the Spotlight


Press Release

Tina Henrie, Tourism Specialist for Carbon County, paid a visit to the famous 9 Mile Canyon once again; however, this time she brought along some friends. Utah Explored is a tourism film that is being produced by Centerstar, which has partnered with the Outdoor Travel Network. The film will promote and feature transitional and linking tourism destinations to the well traveled locations across Utah.

“I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with James Cawley and his crew again, ” Henrie said. “James reached out to me because he wanted to showcase 9 Mile Canyon in the film and he wanted to discuss the possibility of interviewing myself and a local archeologist.” Henrie then contacted Tim Riley with the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum and invited him to join her on this adventure.

“It was a great day. Together, we visited the sites to promote a positive message of responsible recreation and education when visiting cultural sites in the canyon.” Henrie said.
Even battling dark skies, wind and sometimes rain, the small crew of four spent most of the day in the canyon visiting the different cultural sites. Carbon County Office of Tourism and Centerstar have also partnered to turn the footage from the visit into an immersive tourism experience. Through cutting edge tourism industry technology and integrated content strategy, Centerstar will produce a 9 Mile Canyon “immersive experience,” which will allow visitors from all over the world to immerse themselves in a life-like tour that virtually guides them through the canyon. The goal is to engage future visitors, help visitors plan trips and create a virtual environment where all of the produced media can be presented and promoted effectively.
“Centerstar is excited to be working with Carbon County on these projects. There are so many recreational opportunities available and we look forward to sharing one of our favorite places with the world,” said James Cawley of Centerstar.
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