A Brief Agenda of Important Items for Emery County Commission


By Julie Johansen

Approving the consent agenda was the first order of business for the Emery County Commissioners on Tuesday, March 7. Bids for the Millsite County Road Riprap and Fish Habitat Project were then opened and reviewed by the commission. Two bids were received and the low bid of $1,299,645 from TSJ Construction will be awarded upon approval by counsel.

Allan Paul Riddle then addressed the commissioners regarding the process of contacting elected officials in the county. He reportedly tried to contact several, but until he requested to be put on the agenda, he had been unable to speak with anyone. Riddle explained that he is a resident of Carbon County and owns property in Emery County. He was told that if there was pending legal matters, the conversation would not be public. He was told that if he contacts the attorney by email, his request would be granted. Riddle also desired an updated Emery County website.

Next, tax deferral payments for two citizens were granted as well as an indigent cremation application. The master lease agreement with United Fleet Services, LLC was also approved upon counsel review and approval.

Patsy Stoddard then requested approval to roll over unused funds from the 2022 Main Street Grant into the 2023 Main Street Grant. She also requested using $55,000 of the Transient Room Tax (TRT) funds and the same amount from ARPA Funds in the Main Street Grant Program. These funds were approved by the commission. This program will begin on April 1 and applications are already being received by the board.

The memorandum of understanding between Emery County, the Emery County Business Chamber, the Emery County Economic Development Board and the Emery County Travel Bureau regarding the 2023 Main Street Grant Program also received approval pending an amendment stating that $1,000 for operational fees is allowed and if more funds are needed, the commissioners will authorize the additional amount.

A new National Opioid Settlement Participation Package for settlements with several drug companies was approved following the attorney’s recommendation to participate with the state on a resolution with the plaintiffs. It was also announced that Jon Carpenter, J.D. will be nominated by the Emery County Commissioners for appointment by the state to the position to Emery County Justice Court Judge.

To conclude, all Emery County Buildings in Green River will be converted from propane to natural gas as the commission approved signage with Dominion Energy for the conversion.

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