A Brush With Kindness Assists Elmo Family With Rooftop Issues


A Brush With Kindness is a program operated through Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country (HFHCC).

The program assists people such as veterans, the elderly, those with disabilities and more to improve and repair problems in their homes and even assist in building new ones.

The Ferran’s of Elmo include a 71-year-old veteran and his 75-year-old wife. The couple was having problems with the roof of their home leaking into their bedroom. The Ferran’s made a call to HFHCC after they took notice of a flyer at the local post office. They were very interested in the program and within five days of receiving their application, HFHCC was on their roof.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that were many punctures in the metal roof. HFHCC sealed the punctures and added a white rubber coating to the roof that lowers heating and cooling costs. It is also anticipated to provide protection for the next 10 years.

The entire project was completed in the span of four hours on a Saturday morning. It totaled $315, which was $100 less than what was originally quoted due to less materials having been used. The savings where then transferred to the Ferran family. Their monthly payments on the project will be $20 with zero interest and will span over the next 15 months.

After the project, the Ferran’s were very grateful and even made a lunch for Katie Anderson, Habitat for Humanity member, before she left for home.

“We are better off with our place because our roof was taken care of,” the Ferran’s said. “No more water leaks inside so far.”



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