A Climber’s Retreat and More


By Julie Johansen

Located at 285 West 100 South in Orangeville, Lauri Davis recently opened “The Hangout,” which she calls a “A Climber’s Retreat.”

The luxury home can be used for day service such as laundry, showers or preparing meals. WiFi service is always included and the day service is available by purchasing a pass.

“The Hangout is a climber’s retreat where like-minded individuals come hangout and use the free WiFi,” Davis said. “The unique landscaped yard and porch are comfy and great for hanging out and enjoying the company of other climbers.”

Travel to and from the climbing areas in Joe’s Valley is also available upon request as well as massage services and yoga courses. Anyone, including locals, can rent rooms or the entire house for extra space on special occasions. The home features three bedrooms with four beds, two bathrooms and a full kitchen. Guests also have access to a washer and dryer, satellite TV, the dining area and the expansive backyard.

“We offer individual private rooms with keyed doors for $49 a night (plus tax) or entire home rental,” Davis shared.

The Hangout is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Guests can take advantage of the daytime hours or stay a few nights. When renting the entire home, specifically on weekends, The Hangout will be closed to the public.

While Davis aims to cater to climbers, The Hangout has been tailored to suit locals and their guests as well. Have family coming to town but can’t fit them in your home? Consider The Hangout. Hosting a baby shower but don’t have enough room? The Hangout can fit all of your guests.

Reservations are available by calling Davis at (385) 228-8066 or locating the Orangeville listing on Airbnb on the internet. 

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