A Crowd Convenes at Green River City Council


By Robin Hunt

The Green River City Council chambers were packed on Tuesday as a public hearing on the Redevelopment Overlay Zone was hosted. The purpose of this zone is to provide flexible utilization of land in redevelopment areas.

This means that anyone in the overlay zone could speak with the planning and zoning commission and host public hearings about their projects that may or may not fit the current zone. The council could then decide which projects should be allowed, and what modifications to those requirements will be beneficial to the area and harmonious with the surroundings. 

After closing the public hearing, the council then approved the Redevelopment Ordinance and the Redevelopment Overlay Zone. 

The council next heard a presentation from Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments (SEUALG). This is the organization that will oversee the food bank in Green River, which is expected to be open by March. 

Travis Erickson then presented a letter that thanked the City of Green River for allowing easier access to justice for Green River residents. They can now come to the city offices and can enter a booth to telecommute with a clerk at the courthouse. 

To conclude, it was announced that the Emery County Trails Committee would like to know about any trail maintenance needs. Citizens are asked to please contact the committee with any trail needs they may notice. 

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