A Day of Twos Puts Robbie Mitchell in Good Standings for QuadX Series


Stock photo – Robbie Mitchell practicing for an upcoming race in Price.

Robbie Mitchell traveled to San Bernardino, Calif. on Sunday to compete in round one of the 2014 QuadX series. The event consisted of two ATV races at the Glenn Helen Raceway.

Mitchell grabbed second place in his first race, putting him in good standings for overall positions. Taking first in the second race would set him in first place overall in the series.

The racer took second place in the second race after getting stuck behind another rider. The track was narrow, making it difficult for Mitchell to pass the leader. This put Mitchell in second place overall in the first round of the QuadX series.

Mitchell is looking to grab a first place finish when he travels to Perris, Calif. on March 30 for the next race in the QuadX Series.

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