A Friendly Reminder from Price City Regarding Property Maintenance Requirements


As spring and summer approach, Price City would like to remind all owners and occupants of residential and commercial property within city limits, about the Price City property maintenance code. The code requires properties be kept free of weeds, rubbish, debris, junk and no parking of vehicles or trailers in non-parking areas. This includes the front yard.

Price City residents are asked to review their property and actively remove weeds, junk, rubbish, parking violations or other conditions that may violate the ordinance and could become subject to a notice or possible citation. The ordinance applies to the condition of the property as well as the condition and state of repair of structures on the property.

Take advantage of the city’s community clean-up times and extend help to friends, family and neighbors that may need assistance with property maintenance.

Residents may begin placing clean-up items and debris curbside for removal beginning April 14 and may do so until April 20.

Please help neighbors, friends, family and those in need of assistance.

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