A Fun, Newly-Painted Playground at Cottonwood Elementary


By Julie Johansen

“Cottonwood Elementary’s playground needed a pick-me-up!” These are words from Cottonwood Principal John Hughes. He explained the games and activities that had once been bold and colorful had faded and worn away. When it came time for building updates at the school, they decided to include a playground refresh.

Principal Hughes and custodians at Cottonwood Elementary spent time researching painted playground games and activities that were engaging and allow many students to play at one time. They were excited about the many different options they found.

Meeting with contractor Paul Riddle of Superior Striping, the details were outlined. Paul and Bernadette took the ideas and turned them into reality. Now on the playground at Cottonwood Elementary, they have updated four square, basketball courts and hopscotch, along with newly added mirror me, snake mazes, human foozball, two fitness tracks, and checkers/snakes and ladders game board.

Not only will these be fun recess activities, but physical education specialist Brittany Cox is looking forward to using them during PE classes. Teachers will also be able to use the snakes and ladders game board for class activities and academic review games.

Principal John Hughes added that they are looking forward to having students return in the fall to play and enjoy the new playground.

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