A Glamorous Evening as Carbon County Royalty Are Crowned *Photo Gallery*


Saturday evening was a lively one at Mont Harmon Middle School while continuing the search for new Carbon County Royalty for 2020. While Friday evening presented the new Mini, Little and Junior Miss, the following day brought an older selection of girls to the competition. The Miss Outstanding Teen Pageant began at 4 p.m. while at the Miss Carbon County pageant got underway at 7 p.m. Within the competition of the pageant, there were also special performances from other local royalty, including Junior Miss Emery and Miss Emery County’s Outstanding Teen.

There were six contestants for Miss Carbon County’s Outstanding Teen: Rosie Wichmann, Cami Taylor, Skylynn Basso, Kaylie Basso, Hannah Knot and Madisen Justesen. The competition kicked off with a lifestyle and fitness routine that the girls performed once as a group, then one at a time. The talent portion of the competition took place next with vocal and dance performances. Finally, the last stage of competition was the evening wear and onstage question. Each contestant had to pick a question from a bowl, written by a fellow participant. They were also asked about the platforms they had chosen to represent and pursue in the community.

While the judges were making the decision of who would win the title, Eminie Elliot, Miss Carbon County’s Outstanding Teen 2019, was highlighted. She did her final walk, performed her talent and gave a heartwarming thank you and goodbye to the community. “I have loved the opportunity to serve the community,” Elliot said. She also expressed appreciate at being able to promote her platform of heart health. The winners were announced after a slideshow was presented in her honor.

The second attendant, receiving a $150 college scholarship, was Madisen Justesen with Kaylie Basso named as first attendant, receiving a $250 college scholarship. Carbon County’s new Miss Outstanding Teen title has been given to Skylynn Basso. Her platform is called “#MacKenzieStrong” and she is hoping to promote bringing comfort to those with a chronic illness. She received a $600 college scholarship and a $500 USU Eastern scholarship. Basso and her fellow attendants then prepared to participate in the Miss Carbon County pageant that took place shortly after.

After the hour break between pageants, the Miss Carbon County pageant began. Miss Utah 2019 was able to MC the pageant along with Gracie Steele, Miss Carbon County 2019.

There were ten young women competing for Miss Carbon County: Hayley Baggs, Brinlee Evans, T’Ann Passarella, Lily Vigil, Aubrey Schmidt, Megan Mower, Kaeley Taylor, Brielle Motte, Mikayla Taggart and Alexandrea Sherman. They were all introduced during the production number, which commenced the pageant. There was then a slideshow presentation that featured pictures of the contestants through their childhood.

The talent competition got underway after the slideshow. There were many dance performances along with musical talent. Contestant Brinlee Evans told a funny story of how she initially planned on doing a dance for her talent, but while practicing during the week of the competition, she took “break a leg” too seriously and walked elegantly across the stage in a boot.

Along with the contestants’ talents, the newly crowned Carbon County Royalty of 2020 were able to perform their talents to the audience between the stages of competition. Miss Utah was also able to perform a lyrical solo for the audience. The final stage of competition presented the ladies wearing evening wear and speaking briefly of their individual Social Impact Statements. After each girl had the opportunity to talk about her platform, 2019 Miss Carbon County Gracie Steele did her final walk. There was also a slideshow presentation with a collage of pictures representing the memories of her time as Miss Carbon County. Steele thanked everyone who has supported her throughout her journey and mentioned how grateful she was for the opportunity to serve Carbon County.

That time of the evening came where the crown would be passed. The second attendant title was awarded to Alexandrea Sherman, who received a $700 college scholarship and a $500 USU Eastern scholarship. First attendant, winner of a $900 college scholarship and $500 USU Eastern scholarship, was given to Megan Mower. The Miss Carbon County title was then presented to Lily Vigil with a social impact statement of “The Second Chance Movement: Opioid Epidemic Awareness.” Vigil was awarded with a $2,000 college scholarship and a $1,000 USU Eastern scholarship.

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