A Little Help for Victims of Domestic Violence


Out of tragedy came a bit of hope today when Amie Sorenson presented the Carbon County Domestic Violence Coalition a check for $1,837.

The DV Coalition accepted the check on behalf of the Colleen Quigley Women’s Shelter.  The money was raised by Sorenson and her family in the name of her sister Shaniel Oliver Donaldson.

The family held a Walk for Shaniel-Taking Steps to End Domestic Violence event and sold items to raise awareness for domestic violence prevention back in October. Donaldson was killed in an act of domestic violence earlier this year.

Shelter social worker Cassiopeia Bailey and DV Coalition Secretary Jenny Olsen accepted the money for the shelter. Bailey said that the funds will be used to help pay utility deposits and other costs for women who have fled a domestic violence situation and need to start over.

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