A Little More Than Half Finished


A large pour of concrete will make the spillway at Millsite Reservoir a little more than half finished. Starting at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday and continuing until Wednesday afternoon continuously, more than 1300 cubic yards of concrete was added to the upper part of the spillway. This section will be where the labyrinth weir will later be constructed to probable maximum flood protection (PMF) height. This means that it will be more than adequate for run off through the spillway. The outside walls are being poured now in hopes of getting the golf course bridge to hole #2 put back in place soon. This bridge is being constructed off-site to be placed as soon as construction is finished enough to allow it. The spillway is a couple of weeks behind schedule, but expected to be caught up again soon.

Water is now running through the permanent outlets for PacifiCorp, Special Service District and stock watering. It is also ready for the irrigation company when they call for water. Finalizing the electronics and finish work on the vault is occurring. The tunnel roof is being formed ready for the concrete to be poured. Once this is completed, the embankment on the dam can continue.

Soil for all zones is being prepared to be placed on the dam. This embankment work will take the remainder of the spring, summer and into to the fall to complete. Zone 1 soil is more clay like and used for sealing while zone 2 has more drain gravel and filter sand. More than 400,000 cubic yards are being prepared at the Ferron crusher. Zone 3 is placed upstream on the dam and zone 4 is downstream. All of the soil is coming from the area in and around the dam.

Reservations and camping at the state park are still expected to begin on April 25. The gravel, grass, and asphalt should be close to completion at that time. The overall completion date for the rehabilitation of Millsite Dam and Campground is still late fall of 2018.

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