A Mother’s Reflection

Even though Mother’s Day has past, may we think upon our mothers with fondness throughout the year.  It is true that not everyone grows up in a perfect household.

Maybe you are one who is finding it hard to think of a good memory that gives honor to your mother.  After all, giving birth doesn’t make you a mother … mothering makes you a mother. Mothering is nurturing.

Mother’s Day is the time we reflect on what our mothers mean to us, whether they are still with us or have passed from this life. Mothers have a big reputation to live up to, for they control and shape so much of what the next generation will become.  “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world”, is powerful.    What makes a great mother?  When I consider my own mother, it wasn’t that she was perfect, but that she did all she could to give us what she didn’t have as a child.  My mother did give us something very simple … availability.

Many children come home to empty homes … many sit in day care all day and part of the evening.  Some of this can’t be helped, but much of the reason for this is because of a choice to be outside the home.

It is my hope this Mother’s Day, mothers everywhere will be the ones reflecting…who are they and what are they passing onto their children?  What lasting impression will they leave?  Are we sacrificing for our families? Are we investing quality time with each unique life we have been entrusted with?  Will we simply be available?


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