A New Face and Two Experienced Council Members Take Oath of Office


First Lady Barbara Piccolo stands next to Mayor Joe Piccolo as Judge George Harmond administers the oath of office to her husband and Councilwomen Kathy Hanna-Smith and new Councilman Miles Davis.

Less than a week into the new year, the oath of office was administered to Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo and returning council member Kathy Hanna-Smith.

Joining them is a new face to the council. Miles Nelson was elected in November to fill the spot vacated by council member Grady McEvoy.

Nelson, Hanna-Smith and Piccolo were sworn in by Judge George Harmond in Price City Hall at noon Monday. Each took a few minutes to offer a few thoughts for the year ahead.

Hanna-Smith said she is committed to making downtown a vibrant and growing area in Price.

“I want to hear that when people come into our town, they say wow,” she said.

She personally committed to reaching out to all business owners as she takes on this task. Hanna-Smith also spoke briefly about the new Play Unplugged program they are bringing into the area that will work hard at encouraging youth to put down their electronic devices and explore the region.

Nelson expressed thanks to the community for giving him a chance to serve. He also spoke about his family and how much they have stood behind him despite early doubts about him taking on the role of a city council member. He said he is anxious to get started and to learn. Nelson has been attending all the council meetings since his election in November to help get him up to speed on the issues the council is currently dealing with.

After joking with his wife before he signed the official papers, Mayor Piccolo gave a heartfelt thank you to her for being his best friend and support for his many years of community service. He spoke with pride about the strength of the city and how important it is for the council to listen to all of its citizens

“We are the voice for those who don’t think they are being heard,” he said. “Price City is doing well including being sixth in the state in economic growth. While we have many strengths, we are failing in some areas too.”

He went on to say that the key will be to find those areas the city is failing in and work on strengthening them. Also, he wants to build on the strong areas and keep them going.

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