A New Home for the Emery County Pioneer Museum


By Julie Johansen

Artifacts from the Emery County Pioneer Museum will be moved from the old Castle Dale City Hall to a vacant room in the Museum of the San Rafael.

A large group of supporters for moving and conserving the Pioneer Museum was in attendance at the recent Emery County Commission meeting. The idea was approved by commissioners and moving the articles will begin immediately.

Some items will have to be quarantined for a time to rid them of insects or other pests and make them safe for observation in their new home. It is the museum’s goal to have everything ready for public viewing by pageant time at the end of July.

A lease agreement with Castle Dale City was made in 1969 for 50 years. Next January, the lease would have been terminated as the building has roof leakage and has also been vacated. The museum board was also told in 2015 that because Castle Dale City was building a new building, they would not put any more money into repairing the old building, making the move advantageous for all concerned.

“This will conserve our community, and conserve our history,” Meagan Wilberg, museum director, said.

The museum board said they would appreciate help moving the artifacts to their new home.

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