A New Ordinance For a New Year in Huntington City


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By Julie Johansen

The opening 2021 city council meeting for Huntington City was held on Wednesday evening. The first order of business was to officially set the board for the Municipal Building Authority. All city council members will be on this board and the meetings must be hosted separate from regular city council meetings.

Ordinance 1-2021 was then discussed and approved unanimously by the council. The ordinance includes amendments to Title 1 of Administration and Title 9 of Zones and Subdivision Regulations.

The ordinance first gives a definition of a recreational vehicle as any vehicle built under the RV code or regulations as an RV, which includes travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, class A, B or C motorhomes, tent trailers, toy haulers, and horse trailers with living quarters, and so called “tiny homes” on a moveable chassis.

The regulations of the ordinance state that any RV for living purposes (sleeping, eating, toilet, etc.) shall be located in a trailer park and connected to power, water and sewer. Exceptions include that Huntington City residents may host visitors in an RV for a period not to exceed 14 days if no fee is charged. These visitors may not be a traffic hazard nor obstruct city sidewalks.

Conditional uses state that temporary RV living can be at new personal construction or remodel sites, as long as a building permit has been purchased. A personal RV can be on the construction site for up to six months. Contractors are also allowed to park an RV on the job site.

To conclude the meeting, it was announced that there were no new business licenses applications in the past month. It was also stated that the council will work on the noise ordinance of their code book before next month’s meeting.

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