A Patchwork of Love


While in discussion recently about their mother, local resident Julie Johansen’s offspring all have a common theme: she is a selfless individual. As youngsters, Johansen’s children remember that their mother was at every extracurricular event, even though she has always worn so many hats for the community. Her family is her number one priority.

Long before Johansen served on the Castle Dale City Council, she actively served the community of Castle Dale and Emery County on the PTA board, is an active leader in the LDS Church, was the Castle Valley Pageant Director, a member of the Community Theater Board, a 4-H Leader, little league coordinator, active in the Republican party and much more.

Johansen’s selflessness would shine through on days that she would follow her family while they rode horses in her truck so that they could each have their time to ride. She also always had a delicious meal ready, ensuring that nobody had an empty stomach. To this day, Johansen has a group of students from Emery High School visit her for lunch, where she feeds them before they return for the remainder of their school day.

“She has always sacrificed her own comfort and needs for her family and she made certain that we never went without,” Johansen’s daughter Mistie Christiansen said.

Johansen’s talents as a seamstress have lent to her crafting quilts, prom dresses and wedding dresses for those in need. She also takes time to grow a sizable garden to share the goods with family, often canning more than enough for everyone. Johansen’s large family means that one of her greatest challenges is when her grandchildren are participating in different events in various locations.

When Johansen’s daughter is asked how she accomplishes all in a day, Christiansen stated that her reply is that she learned it from her mother, who does more good for others in a single day that most accomplish in months. Johansen always instilled giving one hundred percent to everything that you do in her children. She also ensured that her children were well-behaved and respectful.

Johansen strives to pass on the heritage that she was blessed with to the future generations. She is a woman and mother that never stops giving.

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