AARP Smart Driver Course


The next Smart Driver Course hosted by the Carbon County Senior Center will be held Thursday, April 3 from 1-5 p.m.

The month of April has been designated as distracted driving month. One reason for the designation is the number of deaths that have occurred due to distracted drivers. The Department of Transportation said that there were 3,328 deaths in 2012 attributed to drivers who were distracted in some way while driving their vehicles. Some of the class time will address that distracted driver and ways to stay safe while driving. Others topics to be covered in the 4-hour class are changes that take place as people grow older (vision, hearing, reaction time, agility); vehicles, especially the newer models with the numerous modern devices (sometimes leading to distractions with driving); and roads that have undergone major changes designed for increased safely.

Those who complete the class are eligible for an insurance discount on their auto premiums. There will be no written or driving tests as part of the course. AARP members will pay $15, others will pay $20. To register, contact the senior center at (435) 636-3202.

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