Abnormal Year for Dino Cheer


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Over half of the Dino cheer team is returning to go along with a large freshman class. Everyone has been affected in some way or another by this 2020 year, and the cheer team is no exception.

“It’s been really tough because of COVID. It seems like we always have someone out on quarantine,” said head coach Nachae Clark. “That’s created, obviously, some big challenges.” Some of those challenges include getting together to improve routines. “Because of COVID, we really haven’t been able to do a lot of our normal things, let alone add anything new.”

The coronavirus hasn’t just limited practice, it has also limited the team’s exposure and community involvement. “We haven’t been able to do the fundraisers we used to do or our volunteer work that we’ve done in the past. Those things have brought some challenges,” explained Clark.

Lastly, she stated the team’s goals, which are to “make state and keep everybody happy and healthy through all this craziness.”

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