Accident Claims Lives of Two Orangeville Residents


Photo courtesy UHP

At approximately 4:38 this afternoon a head on collision occurred on SR 89 near Axtell, UT claiming the lives of Ken and Kathleen Stilson.

According to a press release issued by UHP, a Dodge Caravan was traveling north on SR-89. A Chevrolet Silverado was traveling south on SR-89 in the same area. The Dodge went off the road to it’s right (east) and was corrected back on to the road but was not in control of the vehicle. It appears that the driver of the Dodge was attempting to gain control but ended up crossing over into the path of the southbound Chevy. The vehicles hit nearly head on. The Dodge van came to rest in the southbound lane. Chevy Truck went off the road to the west and rolled on to it’s side. Fatalities were driver and passenger of the Dodge Caravan. The driver of the Chevy truck was transported to Gunnison Hospital.

Our hearts go out to the Stilson’s.  Ken’s son is part of our Emery Telcom family and our thoughts and prayers are with him at this difficult time.

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