Accident Involving Pedestrian and Automobile Sends 80-Year-Old Woman to Hospital


An accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian sent an 80-year-old woman to the hospital in the early afternoon on Tuesday.

At approximately 12:45 p.m., Price City police were notified of an accident in Kmart parking lot. According to Sgt. Kelly Maynes, a minor accident occurred when the elderly woman was crossing the parking lot. A driver that was traveling at a low rate of speed did not see the woman due to the sun in their eyes and bumped into her. The woman was knocked the the ground.

Authorities responded to the incident and the elderly woman was assessed to have minor scraps and bruises. She was transported to Castleview Hospital as a precaution and to treat minors injuries.

Maynes explained that an accident similar also occurred on Monday at the corner of 400 East and 100 North in Price. He stated that the holidays are a busy time of year and pedestrians and drivers should be extra cautious in parking lots and while going about celebrating the season.


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