Aced: Tennis Court Protesters Make Progress


The Price City Council chambers hosted Wednesday a standing-room only crowd of tennis players and community supporters concerned about the planned demolition of the tennis courts on 300 East near the wave pool.

Robert Richens and Nick Mahleres represented the protesters and presented several arguments against the October demolition.

The main arguments were that the Carbon High School tennis teams use the courts for practices and matches and that the tennis courts were the only courts in the entire County.

Councilmen recommended creating a committee dedicated to finding short and long-term resolutions to the tennis court dilemma. Committee members would include representatives from Carbon County Recreation, Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah, Carbon County School Board, the tennis league, Price City Council and the City engineer.

The committee would be scheduled to present a preliminary plan at the Sept. 28 Price City Council meeting.

The demolition was planned because a safety worker deemed the courts unsafe. Replacement courts would cost an estimated $300,000, and repair estimates came in between $10,000 and $12,000.

Mayor Joe Piccolo said Price City didn’t have anything planned for the space if the courts were demolished, but he assured everyone at the meeting that some type of recreation would occupy the space.

Councilman Jeff Nielson volunteered to act as the council’s liaison on the new committee.

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