Active Re-Entry Brings Joy With the Music & Memory Program


The Music & Memory program began in hopes of bringing personalized music back into the lives of elderly and/or disabled individuals. The music aims to vastly improve the quality of life.

Active Re-Entry is a certified Music & Memory provider, which means it is able to provide personalized playlists for individuals living in the local community and surrounding areas. The set playlist for the program contains over 6,000 songs. Other songs may also be obtained upon request. The iPod, headphones and setup are free of charge to participants.

It has been scientifically proven that music is a strong trigger for memories. Favorite melodies are able to bring out deep memories, assist with pain management and can bring individuals “back to life.” The music enables them to socialize, stay present in the moment, feel like themselves again and converse better.

Bill Crowley is a resident of Beehive Homes in Elmo and is a current participant in Music & Memory program, easily being one of its biggest fans. He has had the iPod for nearly a year now and said that he uses it most of the day. Crowley said that some of the music on his iPod has been known to take him all the way back to the 1950s.

Lisa Hall with Beehive Homes in Elmo works closely with Active Re-Entry on the program and is amazed with the effect that it has had on Crowley.

“It’s just the smile it puts on his face every day,” she said.

Anytime Crowley thinks of a new song that he would like to add to his iPod, he writes it down for Hall, who turns it into an Active Re-Entry member that adds it to his device. Crowley cares for the iPod in a meticulous manner. He has a specific box in which he places it with his headphones and makes sure he powers it down each time he is done using it.

There are around three members of Beehive Homes in Elmo that participate in the program and Hall said that all of the members thoroughly enjoy listening to music any time.

If you or anyone that you know has an iPod Shuffle that you are no longer using, it would be a great donation to the Music & Memory program. To donate, please contact Active Re-Entry at (435) 637-4950.

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