Active Re-Entry launches new program


The new Friendly Visitors Volunteer Program at Active Re-Entry will seek to provide companionship and assistance to those suffering chronic health conditions and disabilities.

The training was held on April 23 at Active Re-Entry and highlighted the benefits and tasks of the news program. The program is aimed toward anyone in need of visits and companionship, not just the elderly. People suffering from chronic health conditions and disabilities would also be included.

The program seeks to strengthen community ties and make sure no member in town feels isolated.

New volunteers are always welcome at Active Re-Entry. For this particular program a background check, application, and training are required by all potential volunteers. Applications may be obtained at Active Re-Entry, 10 South Fairgrounds Road in Price, or by contacting Margret Colosimo at 637-4950 to receive the application by mail.

Additional training seminars for the program will take place in the near future. The next scheduled seminar will take place April 30 at 10:30 a.m.

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