Adam Cox is June’s Carbon County Employee of the Month


Kellie Payne, Carbon County Human Resources Director, announced the June Employee of the Month during the commission meeting that was hosted on Wednesday evening.

The honor this month went to Adam Cox, who has been employed with the county for 16 years and started in March of 2008. Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Cletis Steele nominated Cox and was invited to the podium, along with Sheriff Jeff Wood, to speak on him.

Last year, Cox earned his Jail Commander Certification. Steele has worked with him since 2015 and said since that time, he has proven to be a dedicated employee and a great leader. Cox is always available, ready and willing to respond.

Steele stated that he has a great relationship with his sergeants and all issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Cox has an open-door policy and would never ask anyone to do something that he is not willing to do himself and he always has a great attitude.

“It’s a privilege to work with Adam, he never seeks recognition for his accomplishments, he never wants attention and he spends his entire day helping and serving others,” Steele stated.

Sheriff Wood credited Cox as his go-to person, saying that he has an awesome work ethic. He’s a forward thinker and gets ahead of things. The sheriff stated that for jail commander, that way of thinking is critical. Cox thanked Sheriff Wood and Chief Deputy Steele for everything that they have done for him.

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