Additional Tourism Kiosks Coming to Carbon County


The first kiosk was installed at Market Express Sinclair this year. ETV News stock photo.

During Wednesday evening’s Carbon County Commission meeting, the commissioners were visited by Helper City Mayor and Carbon County Tourism Tax Advisory Board Chairman Lenise Peterman. This visit was to address the consideration and possible approval of a request to allocate funds for kiosks/panels around Carbon County.

Though the agenda read that the amount for allocation was $20,000, Peterman stated that she had unfortunately received an updated bid. This bid was from Flawless Sheeting and Peterman had provided Commissioner Casey Hopes with the updated amount.

One thing that Peterman stated she neglected to include was the installation fees. In speaking with Commissioner Hopes, they felt like if the county is shouldering the cost of the installation, then the funds should come out of the Carbon County Tax Advisory fund. The updated amount for the kiosks/panels to be allocated is $37,423.

There is approval from USU Eastern to purchase a couple of panels for the student union and resident hall. Commissioner Hopes and Peterman recently visited and approved the Helper site at Swift Stop & Shop and they will meet soon for the Wellington site approval at Miller’s Travel Center.

There will be four kiosks/panels that will be installed this year and the rest will likely come to fruition next year. There are currently kiosks installed at the two Market Express locations in Price for comparison and they were praised by both Commissioner Hopes and Peterman.

“[It] just looks amazing,” said Peterman.

It was also explained by Commissioner Hopes that the funds for these projects come from the Transient Room Tax (TRT) funds as well as the TRCC tax. The funds were then approved to be allocated.

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