Aftermath of The Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival Shines With Success


Kate Kilpatrick took time during the Helper City Council meeting on Thursday evening to express her gratitude toward Helper City, Price City, Carbon County, Helper City Police Chief Trent Anderson and the entire Helper City Police force for their assistance during the Helper Arts Festival. She also gave a brief overview on this year’s turnout and more.

Kilpatrick began with vendor feedback, stating that the biggest and only complaint was, for some reason, a lot of children were riding bicycles and scooters, running into people and booths. That was one thing that she expressed will be considered to improve the festival next year.

Closed meetings with Helper businesses and artists are currently being scheduled to capture more information and their views and opinions for the festival. There was a total of 50 vendors this year, which is an improvement of at least 10 compared to the year before. Seven of those booths were compensated booths from Helper Main Street businesses and nine were food vendors.

The festival also marked the second best day of business in the past ten years for the Western Mining and Railroad Museum. There were several vendors that sold out of goods and one vendor expressed that it was the best festival sales that they had seen to date. Local businesses also saw an increase in revenue of 60%.

Mayor Ed Chavez thanked Kilpatrick and her team for their hard work, stating that people have approached him and informed him that they enjoyed the live entertainment and gallery stroll so thoroughly that they believe it should be a monthly occurrence.

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