AJB Broadcasting Welcomes New Operations Manager


Emily Wood and Tony Basso have known one another for well over 20 years. Their friendship began through the auto industry many years ago. Basso has assisted Wood’s parents, herself, in-laws, children, siblings and many family friends in purchasing the right vehicle.

Over the years, Wood’s relationship with Basso evolved as she has participated and volunteered in many community events and fundraisers in which she always remembers Basso donating to or contributing in some way.

Recently, their friendship has evolved once more into that of a working partnership.

“With his continued success over the years and his ongoing support for this community, how could I not hear him out when he approached me regarding a business opportunity?” Wood stated.

Wood is the new operations manager for AJB Broadcasting. While she knew that she wanted to be business partners with Basso, she was unsure whether or not the broadcasting industry was the right fit for her. However, after deep reflection, she chose to dive in feet-first.

Wood’s experience with media kicked off in 2014 when her husband, Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood, declared his official candidacy. As a member of his committee, Wood utilized all aspects of media.

Through this experience, she realized the importance of media and how quickly word can spread in a small town. Wood believes that radio allows customers a voice throughout the community and is constantly working on improvements for the radio station.
Some of the radio upgrades have to do with the station’s sound throughout the county while some are focused within the office, such as new software, furniture, computers and more. Wood anticipates that, by the end of 2019, the station will have extended its reach and will have a clearer sound.

The staff at the station are always looking for fun and exciting ways to engage with the community. With that having been said, one big event coming up for them is the 10th annual Home, Garden and Recreation Expo that is slated to take place at the Carbon County Event Center on March 15 and 16. Wood promises a plethora of great things to see and do and urges the community to attend.

When prompted to choose what she is most excited about with the partnership, Wood stated that she is pleased to be able to promote Carbon and Emery counties, believing that she resides in the best area.

“There is plenty of room for growth and new opportunities in this town,” Wood concluded. “I am so thankful for this opportunity and look forward to seeing this community thrive.”

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