Alex Thayn Named Carbon County’s Employee of the Month


Photo courtesy of Kellie Payne

Kellie Payne, Carbon County’s Human Resource Director, announced that Alex Thayn of the recreation department was nominated and chosen as the November Employee of the Month.

Thayn was recognized during the Carbon County Commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening. Payne stated that Thayn has been employed with Carbon County since Sept. of 2019. She acted as the sports coordinator for that time and just recently accepted a new position as the office manager.

Carbon Recreation’s Aubrey Kirkwood spoke on behalf of Thayn, stating that she is the one that had nominated her. Thayn is currently wearing two hats as she is in the process of transitioning to her new position and, according to Kirkwood, she is doing really well.

Thayn has been working these past few years to manage the recreation department and its programs, and Kirkwood said that they would not be where they are without her work. Thayn wants local kids to have opportunities and she works well under pressure.

“She’s a huge asset to our department and we’re grateful to have her,” Kirkwood said.

With that being said, Commissioner Tony Martines expressed his appreciation for Thayn’s efforts. He said that he knows there have been a lot of challenges over the years and that she has assumed a lot of responsibility. To conclude, Commission Chair Larry Jensen gave Thayn his congratulations.

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