America by Bicycle Stops in Price


America by Bicycle (ABB) stopped in Price on Saturday. They stayed at the Ramada.

ABB does cross country bicycle tours three times per year, crossing the entire United States. The route for this group is 3,872 miles long.

The riders began their journey about two weeks ago in California and plan to end their ride in New Hampshire. The riders rest once about every 10 days. Every day except rest days, the riders ride an average of 80 miles with the peak daily mileage being 120 miles.

“I can either do it now in my second year of college or after I retire,” a North Carolina man explained. He stated that his brother had ridden across the country with the same company and been on staff for two years. “I knew that people do it, so I decided to do it too instead of doing some summer job where I wouldn’t get paid very much.”

All of the riders are making this trip for personal accomplishment and some are also raising money for various charities. There are 25 total riders in this group, with four staff members as part of the riding group.

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