“American Voices” Performed by Wellington Elementary *Photo Gallery*


Photo courtesy of Marie Bryner of Bryner Photography

By Chad Greenhalgh

Young warriors with large voices filled the Carbon High School auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 16. The combined third, fourth and fifth-grade students from Wellington Elementary performed “American Voices” by John Jacobsen and Roger Emerson, a singing tribute to America, the armed forces and music through the history of our great nation.

The children showcased their talents through solos, quartet numbers, and group choir singing as well as spoken tributes, choreographed dance and acting. With performances to songs such as “America the Beautiful,” “This Little Light of Mine,” “The Charleston,” “The Heart of America” and more, the kids provided a reminiscence of what makes America such a great nation.

After months of practice, preparation and behind the scenes help, the kids provided a 90-minute program which captivated the audience and swelled proud parents with pride.

The program ended with a deafening ovation and cheers. The night concluded with a tribute from Wellington Elementary Principal, Stacy Basinger, thanking the students for the great job they did, and noting that “there were many things sang and spoken tonight that we needed to be reminded of.”

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