Angel Baby Fund Serves Carbon and Emery Families


Submitted by Alison Marrelli

The Angel Baby Fund began after this year’s Angel Baby Walk raised enough funds to help local families cover funeral expenses for their beloved children. The organizers hoped the funds would last until the next walk in spring of 2017, but our Carbon and Emery families have lost five children so far this year and funds were quickly depleted to help each of them.

The walk will continue to be an annual event to come together and remember our Angel Babies. This event was a lighthearted booster to replenish the funds. It was a wonderful success with a great turnout! We played games and enjoyed delicious hearty soups as a community. It was fun for the whole family and also showcased a drawing with donations from local vendors and community members as well as a silent auction.

We raised twice as much as expected and are so grateful to all our sponsors, contributors and volunteers! If you would like to donate or become a part of the Angel Baby organization, please contact Amy Ruggeri, Heidi Yoklavich or Alison Marrelli, or visit us on Facebook at “Angel Baby Fund of Carbon and Emery Counties” for more information.

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