Anglers Reminded of Two-Pole Fishing Permit Rule


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Press Release

Many Utah ice anglers like to fish with two fishing poles. Based on calls to Division of Wildlife Resources offices, there is a lot of confusion about what is needed to legally fish with two poles this winter.

Currently, anglers must have a two-pole permit to fish with two poles in Utah. DWR Cold Water Sport Fisheries Coordinator Paul Birdsey, hopes that requirement will change this summer. But for now, it is still in effect.

Birdsey says the confusion likely resulted from fishing and hunting license changes the Utah Wildlife Board approved in November.

One of the changes the board approved eliminated the need for a two-pole permit. Under rules approved by the board, anyone with a regular Utah fishing or combination license could fish with two poles.

There’s a major catch, though. Because the changes affect license fees, they must also be approved by the Utah Legislature. The legislature will consider the changes during its upcoming legislative session which begins later this month.

If the legislature approves the changes, these will likely go into effect on July 1. “We really like the changes the board approved,” Birdsey says. “We’re hopeful the legislature will like them too.”

Contact the nearest DWR office or the Salt Lake City office at 801-538-4700 for further information.

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