Anna Allen Performs for Culture Connection


Summer is coming to a close, and along with it is going all of the fun summer activities Price has had to offer; one of these activities being the Culture Connection Concerts that have been held every Thursday in the Price Peace Gardens. Next week marks the very last concert of the summer, so everyone should go enjoy the music being played while you still have the chance!

The very talented Anna Allen was the musician tonight. She played the acoustic covers of many of the songs we all know and love, such as “I’ll Be”, originally performed by Edwin Mccain and “Push” by Sarah Mclachlan. She not only played the guitar, but did a few songs on the piano.

Music has always been a part of Anna’s life. From when she was just a little girl, she had a heart for music and it always influenced her. She started out playing the piano and while she hated it at the time, she grew up to absolutely love it. Soon after she started playing the piano, she started playing the Ukulele, which led to her love for the guitar. Now, she plays both the guitar and the keyboard very well and has the voice to go along with it.

“Music to me is like a prayer; it is my gift and it makes me extremely happy to share it with all of you,” said Allen

Among the music, the city library was also along for the evening events. The craft they did this week for the young people attending the concert was snake bracelets.


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