Annual CJC Back to School Giveaway Provides for Local Students


The Family Support and Children’s Justice Center (CJC) hosted its annual back to school giveaway on Aug. 10-12. This event is hosted each year by the CJC as a way for families to prepare for the upcoming school year without breaking the bank.

Things were handled a bit differently this year as half-hour appointments were available for those that wished to peruse the giveaway. The appointments began at 9 a.m. each day and allowed room for five families at a time.

The CJC wished to give a big shoutout to those that helped them prepare for the event by donating supplies, backpacks and clothing as well as time to organize the event.

“This event is hosted and coordinated by all the employees from the center, but if it wasn’t for the help from our community, this event would not be a success,” stated CJC Director Shelley Wright.

Thus far, the CJC has served 52 families and 150 children. Those at the center extended appreciation to everyone within the community that continues to support their efforts.

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