Annual ECPTA Piano Festival Hosted at USU Eastern


Festival 2017 - Technique Awards - Back L to R: Addy Taylor, Paul Bryner, Deegan Minchey, Kaylie Sharp/ Seated - L to R: Jocelyn Frandsen & Lila Donaldson

Press Release

The Annual ECPTA Piano Festival was held at USUE on Saturday, March 4. There were 53 participants from Carbon and Emery counties. The festival concluded with an Honor’s Recital featuring the winner in each performance age group. The participants were tested in theory, performance, sight reading, ear training and technique.

Winners in the performance category were:
2-4 Grade: Lizzy Barney
5-6 Grade: Danielle Ori
7-8 Grade: Kaylie Sharp
9-12 Grade: Paul Bryner

Performance Runners-up:

Allison Johansen, McKinlie Sharp, BreElle Parkins, Aubrie Sharp, Lizzie Carroll, Sydney Stilson, Maggie Lindsey, Britlie Sharp and Sadie Crompton

Performance Honorable Mention:

Anna Tabone

Technique Awards Winners:

Jocelyn Frandsen, Lila Donaldson, Paul Bryner, Rebecca Carroll and Kaylie Sharp

Technique Honorable Mention:

Allison Johansen, Deegan Minchey, Luke Stilson, Addy Taylor, Ashlin Baker, Aubrie Sharp and Jessa Holyoak

Sight Reading Winners:

Addy Taylor, Allison Johansen and Ben Johansen

Sight Reading Honorable Mention:

Paul Bryner and McKenzie Orgill

Participating teachers were Karen Dellos, Leslie Gibson, Christi Jensen, Brenda Lemon, Tammy Payne, Lisa Potter, Annie Scow and Elise Tuttle.

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