Annual Helper City Arbor Day Tree Planting Commences


On Friday morning, Helper City once again celebrated Arbor Day with tree plantings. This year, the plantings took place around the Walt Borla Baseball Field. Four maple trees were selected by the Helper Tree Board and planted by volunteers.

Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman explained that maple trees are excellent shade trees. The idea is to create an area at the perimeter of the field that will increase the enjoyment of patrons watching baseball games during the hotter months.

“Helper City continues on the path of sustainability and caring for our natural assets,” said Mayor Peterman. “As a Tree City recipient, we continue to show support of our tree strategy with tree plantings at public locations throughout the city.”

Last year, the plantings took place at the city pool. Mayor Peterman said that the importance of trees is not to be underestimated as they are an essential and critical component of life.

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