Annual Pie Auction Presents PERKIE Travels with Generous Donation


Photo courtesy of Active Re-Entry

A grand total of $5,000 was presented to PERKIE Travels on Monday afternoon from the generosity of the Annual Kickin’ Country Pie Auction.

The annual auction is hosted every June by KARB 98.3 Kickin’ Country. Businesses, individuals and even local government entities donate pies to the event, which are then auctioned off throughout the Castle Country area. Items such as merchandise from local businesses, gift certificates, trips and much more are also included to go along with the pies.

This year, the auction raised a total of $12,392 according to Ann Anderson at Castle Country Radio. A total of $5,000 from that amount was presented to the PERKIE Travels program.

In 1994, the PERKIE Travels program was established in Carbon County. The program is designed to transport cancer patients up north for radiation sessions and is currently ran by Active Re-Entry. For more information about the program and who to contact, click here. To become involved with the program or to request assistance, contact Lisa Martinez at (435) 637-4950.

The remaining money that was raised during the auction will go toward $100 fuel cards for local cancer patients that need to travel for treatment. Funds will also be used for a $2,500 Thomas B. Anderson scholarship, which is awarded to a local individual that was diagnosed with cancer before the age of 18 or currently has cancer. Other grants will be presented to local organizations that assist cancer patients.

For more information on how to make a donation, how to participate in next year’s auction or to request a fuel card, contact Ann Anderson at (435) 637-1167.


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