Another Fire? Wildcat Fire Came and Went Almost Without Notice


Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk updated Emery County Commissioners at Tuesday’s meeting on the Seeley Fire and also announced another fire that came as quickly as it was put out.

Named the Wildcat Fire, lightning ignited a portion of ground above the town of Emery Saturday at 6:41 p.m. But with so many resources on hand with the nearby Seeley Fire, three helicopters were dispatched to the area and doused the flames before they could spread further.

Even with the recent moisture, Sheriff Funk warned commissioners about possible fires in the future.

“Our fire issues are just beginning because of how dry it is,” he said.

Sheriff Funk then explained to commissioners the opening of SR 31 (the main highway from Fairview to Huntington) on a restricted basis.

“There will be no stopping, camping, etc. through that area because there are trees falling over and mudslides,” he said.

Emery County Sheriff’s Captain Kyle Ekker found out first hand as he spent three hours trying to get out of a mudslide two days ago while surveying the area. Funk also mentioned there will be extra patrols on SR 31 until Friday to ensure motorists do not stop or camp in the area. UDOT crews will be working on the road as well.

He then shared his concerns about the possible problems that could occur as displaced wildlife have made its way down the canyon closer to county roads.


A special meeting has been called for 10 a.m. Wednesday at Canyon View Junior High to discuss water conditions in Huntington Creek. Recent rain in the area has caused ash to be carried downstream, killing fish in result.

Check back with tomorrow afternoon for complete coverage of the meeting.

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