Another Scam Hits the Local Area


Customers of Emery Telcom have been contacted recently by an individual claiming to be a representative of the company.

The individual claims to need access to a customer’s computer remotely to fix issues. The person then asks for credit card information. Do not give out this information. By law, Emery Telcom cannot ask for credit card information over the phone. Should you receive a phone call like this, please do the following:

  • Get the person’s name and ask if you can call them back at the Emery Telcom office.
  • Write down the number from which the call was placed via caller ID.
  • Contact any Emery Telcom office and report the issue.

Other red flags:

  • The caller has a foreign accent (the person who has called Emery Telcom customers had a foreign accent).
  • The caller ID number is NOT local.
  • The caller asks for your credit card information.

For any other information, please call any one of the following Emery Telcom offices for more information or to report a fraudulent call:

  • Carbon County: 435-613-9605
  • Emery County: 435-748-2223
  • Moab: 435-259-8521
  • Toll free: 1-888-749-1090
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