Appeals Court Reaffirms Water Use at Blue Castle Nuclear Project in Green River


SALT LAKE CITY, UT – A Utah Court of Appeals ruling reaffirmed the use of water rights at the proposed Blue Castle Holdings (BCH) new nuclear power plant project in Green River. Blue Castle is the first new nuclear site in the Western U.S. with an approved water source, the single most important asset for deployment of a new nuclear power project. In the Western U.S., water availability is vital to all infrastructure planning, including electric power generation.

The Utah Court of Appeals decision was issued July 21st by the three judge panel and stated, “Because the Applicants put forth enough evidence to demonstrate that the proposed changes can be undertaken without impairing vested rights, we conclude the district court properly approved the Applicants’ change applications.”

Aaron Tilton, Blue Castle Holdings CEO, explained; “We recognize our responsibility for strong environmental stewardship throughout the life time of the project, which includes working diligently to assure protection of the Green River environment and endangered species. Our project has been scrutinized at many levels, including the state engineer, the district court and now the appeals court. We have fully complied and satisfied all the requirements of the law. We can assure the public the high level of scrutiny that has been applied to the process is welcomed.”

The addition of new nuclear electricity generation will fit the Utah regional markets very well. Nuclear power’s base load generation benefits will fill the approaching market void from coal-fired plant closures. Utilities will be able to replace the retiring coal plants with additional new nuclear generation provided by the Blue Castle Project at competitive, stable prices. The proposed multi-unit nuclear plant could increase the electricity generated in Utah by approximately 30% by adding 2,200 Megawatts of installed electrical capacity, using less than 1% of the State’s current water diversion.

The Blue Castle Project will have a significant beneficial economic impact for the entire State of Utah and the hosting local communities. The region has economically benefited from the millions of dollars invested into the project site characterization over the past six years. BCH has hired several local and national firms for on-site and off-site investigations to prepare an Early Site Permit (ESP) application to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

It is expected that about 1,000 permanent full-time employees will work at the plant for 60 years, and that more than 2,500 workers will work during the projected six year construction of the multi-unit plant. A recent study showed that a nuclear plant contributes about $535 million annually to the local economy.

About Blue Castle Holdings: Blue Castle Holdings Inc. (BCH or the Company) is an energy infrastructure development company based in Utah. It is presently developing the leading new nuclear plant project site in the Western U.S. More information about Blue Castle Holdings can be found at:

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