Apple Crunch Day a Huge Success


Farm to School month was celebrated by Carbon and Emery students on Oct. 23 as they ate healthy on Apple Crunch Day.

Apples were donated to the elementary schools and incorporated into the school lunches in order to assist Utah in winning the coveted Crunch Crown. Crunch Day papers were given at a number of the schools and one particular student wrote a great message on the back of her paper.

This student, Kaybree Jensen, is a fourth grader at Cleveland Elementary school. Her message read “I like Crunch Day because apples are healthy for you and they are really good snacks for after school. Apples are the best because you can buy them in different colors and they all have different flavors. You can buy them in the colors green, red, pink, and yellow. The best kind of apple is red because they have a lot of juice in them and they taste the best to me. The green kind is sour to me. I have not tried the pink kind yet. The yellow kind I haven’t tried yet either. I love crunch day. It is the best day ever!”

The Southeast Utah health Department (SEUHD) thanked Lin’s Market and Sara Bryant for donating the apples, as well as the schools for participating.

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