Apples for Teachers Presented to Charity Moore


The Apples for Teachers award was presented at the Carbon County School Board meeting on Wednesday evening by Frank Ori with Carbon Recreation and Taylor Warnock with KUSA. The award was presented to Mrs. Charity Moore.

The letter nominating Moore was submitted by parent Angie Fausett, who stood at the meeting and read her letter to board members. The letter touched on how her child was failing and was really struggling when Moore stepped up and started to focus on small changes. Within two weeks, he received 100% on a spelling test, rising leaps and bounds above previous scores.

Moore called Fausett with the news of her son’s outstanding grade. “As I listened to the excitement in her voice, I started to cry,” stated Fausett.

Moore was then presented with an Apples for Teachers plaque. Ori informed everyone attending that Moore will be placed on the list for teacher of the year and at the end of the year. The teacher that wins will receive an Apple iPad.

If you know of a teacher that has done exceptional work and deserves to be recognized, you may submit a letter of your own. Parents and students that submit the letters of winning teachers will also be put into a drawing and will possibly win a gift card at the end of the year.

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