Apply for a Swan Hunting Permit


Aug. 25 is the first day to apply for a permit to hunt tundra swans in Utah this fall.

DWR Press Release

Applications to hunt tundra swans in Utah this fall will be accepted starting Aug. 25.

You might want to apply as close to Aug. 25 as possible since the application period isn’t very long. To be included in the draw for permits, applications must be received no later than 11 p.m. on Sept. 3.

You can apply for a swan permit starting Aug. 25 at More information about applying for a permit is also available on the web page.

If you apply for a permit, you’ll know by Sept. 16 whether you drew one.

If you’re not going to hunt swans this year, you can still apply for a preference point. Hunters with preference points have the best chance of obtaining a permit in 2016.

Complete the swan course first      

If you haven’t completed Utah’s one-time Swan Hunter Orientation course, you must complete the course before you apply for a permit. The course is available at It takes about 30 minutes to complete.

You only have to complete the course once, so if you’ve already completed it, you don’t need to take it again.

A thrilling experience

Just like last year, a total of 2,000 permits will be available for this fall’s hunt. Last year, 5,226 hunters applied.

Blair Stringham, migratory game bird coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, said Utah is one of four states in the Pacific Flyway where tundra swans can be hunted.

If you’ve hunted swans before, you know it’s an experience that can take your breath away. “It’s one of the most exciting experiences you can have while hunting,” Stringham explained. “Waiting for one of those big birds to get close enough so you can take a good shot at it is nerve wracking. By the time the swan gets close enough, your heart might be beating out of your chest.”

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