Archery Clinic in Castle Dale is the First of Many


By Kristi Maxwell

On Monday, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Buckhorn Archery Club hosted a clinic in Castle Dale to teach citizens how to shoot with a bow and arrow. Approximately 60 people were in attendance.

Jason Fausett, age 11, attended with his grandfather Randall Stilson, who taught Jason how to shoot archery. “Shooting is just fun,” Fausett said.

First time shooter Jolee Swasey, age 7, who attended with her family, said her favorite thing about the clinic was just shooting and hitting the target.

Buckhorn Archery Club President Eric Luke reported that they hold the archery clinic every week on Wednesday at 6 p.m. In June, the club will begin 3-D shoots where they will place 23 3-D targets in various locations to make the target practice more realistic

For more information about the archery club and upcoming shoots, contact Eric Luke at (435) 749-0432.

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