Area Storms Result In Vast Amount of Potholes, Crews Address Issue


Price City Press Release

The extreme weather in the local area has created an unusually high number and severity of potholes on the state, county, and municipal roads and streets. Wide swings in Fahrenheit temperatures of below zero to the mid-40s combined with unusually high amounts of wet snowfall are extremely hard on road surfaces and also make it difficult or impossible to repair pot holes and other deterioration.

Area work crews, including those at Price City, are working hard to repair potholes and other road and street deterioration as weather and other circumstances allow. However, it will take time and improved weather conditions to make repairs. We ask for your patience and encourage you to adjust your speed and awareness as you drive on and use all area roadways.

For more information on the Price City Street Department or local road maintenance plans and schedules, contact Miles Nelson, Price City Public Works Director at (435) 637-5010 or

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